Monday, June 28, 2010


I feel so invisible lately, like a ghost wandering around, stuck between this world and the next. I hand out everything that people want, I do my Stepford-wifely-duties, and I feel like nobody can see me at all, unless they need something from me. All I want at this moment is for someone to hold onto me tightly and acknowledge my existence, and appreciate me for simply being alive. I want to leave my mark somehow, leave something that people will look at and say, "She was here. She existed. I cared about that."

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  1. Wow, this is SO how I feel a lot of the time. You've expressed it perfectly, especially the idea of needing our existence to be acknowledged and to be appreciated for existing. I love the part about wanting to leave a legacy that people appreciate when we're gone. I've had that thought come to me over the last few years too. I really feel that.

    For the record, I see you and I respect you and appreciate the way your life and creative expressions and your love for people speaks to the legacy you're leaving. Some days I want to BE you because of everything you have that I don't. I wish we lived closer so I could get to know you better. :) Thanks for your honesty and for being so down to earth. I really feel like I can relate.