Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sometimes I think that God is just an overgrown child, bored and playing games with the little people. "Oh, look! There is a missionary who has sacrificed everything for me, ha ha! Let's see what happens if I let this godly fellow diddle their little girl..." or, "Man, I created you to be attracted to women. But I made a rule for you, too. You may not act on your attraction. Ha ha ha!" or, "Let me make this pot to hold water. Now, pot. You were made to hold water, but you may not do so. Sit there, be dry, and crack. Ha ha ha!!! My goodness, this is entertaining."
Supposedly we were made with a free will. But there is always a catch, isn't there? You may do whatever you please. But when you get to judgment day, that large head will shake and that finger will wag, and you will be in BIG trouble, man.
We are always compared to sheep in the bible - ever wonder why? Sheep are stupid. They follow dumbly wherever they are led, without question. Over a cliff? Okay! Let's go! Might as well compare us to lemmings.
I am not happy to be a dumb sheep. I want my free will, and I want it now! I don't want to follow blindly, especially not a dude who likes to play games with his creation... like collecting a bunch of ants and then stomping on them. Like making a beautiful painting and then tearing it to shreds. Like building a mansion and then setting it on fire...
But maybe I am wrong. All I know is that it is GOOD to question. Everything.


  1. God has nothing to do with what we do. Free will is in your mind, which is the only place that it can be.

  2. The difficult thing I find about God is that as it is difficult to understand Him without a context, we make God who we want Him to be. We can picture Him being to blame for all our problems and being the focus of all our frustrations. Often this can be because we prayed a prayer and it wasn't answered in the way we wanted it to be. Prayer itself at times seems to be a bit like buying a lottery ticket.

    The only way forward through this conflict and frustration with God is to try and understand Him in a context where He can be understood. The focus for this... reading the Bible. Whether we think God as being to blame or as to being the answer it comes down to trying to understand Him in that context.
    Yet even if we do come to understand and accept God, we still fail and live in a world of failings. At some time for our own physical and mental health we have to deal with the pain, the rejection, the unfairness of life.
    I find that for me God sets me free. Free from being the sheep and following everyone else, free from the pain and the past. In fact the times I try to deal with them on my own... the mess gets bigger.