Thursday, June 17, 2010


Seeing as there have been times in my life that would make some people's faces squinch up in disgust orconf usion, and since I want those times to be gone for good, I chose to get buttons tattoo'd onto my wrists, as a reminder to myself that there is no reason for such self-destructive behavior, as a reminder that those days are in the past and staying there...


  1. Where is the nudity? Sorry, that was my button I was pushing. You are a one of a kind. An original to be cherished.

  2. Without clouds there are no sunsets.

    When grey clouds gather,
    And darkness smothers the sunsets,
    It’s easy to forget
    Protected below the canopy
    Of shadow and cotton,
    Lie the colours of the rainbow,
    Waiting for the sun to shine again.

    When winter winds bite
    And snow and ice freeze the land,
    Its easy to forget,
    Protected below the canopy,
    On bare branch and frozen leaf,
    Lie the signs of new birth,
    Waiting to open to the rays of the sun.

    All is cloudy, dark and cold now
    But nature waits
    For the sun to burn back the winter,
    And raise to life the waiting earth
    In celebration of a new season,
    In multicoloured harmony…
    We are reborn.