Thursday, May 7, 2009

you were hurt too, my dearest - my lady. you were told to trust, to follow blindly like a sheep, and your trust was trampled on, your heart was shattered.
each time you gently unentwined your children from you, uncurled the fists that clung to your skirt - each time you held yourself straight up, forcing your mouth to smile as your children walked away from you sobbing - each time you waved until they were out of sight, high in the sky - each time they flew from you, your fragile smile crumbled and your hand shivered to your heart, and you cried so many thousands of tears - you could have jumped into them and had a warm and salty bath...
you suffered too. i cannot protect you from your pain, and i cannot begin to heal you - that job is for Someone greater than all of us, and above all of our injuries. it is a job for the Great Physician.
and that Physician has given me a job, my dearest. it's a huge one, and sometimes i feel it is more than i can bear. i am questing for an answer, for repentance, and for action. i can not stop until it is finished, and i am sad that it might hurt you somehow along the way. i have my own children now, and for their sakes, and for the sake of all little children who are under the Physician's care, i trudge onward with this task.
it is not an easy road that we are told to follow, but there is a promise of Something Amazing at the end of our journey.
my heart is hurting for yours, my dearest. this thing can not remain silenced forever, and when we face it, it is terrifying, and we might even feel like it will kill us - but facing it is the beginning of our Great Healing. facing it is brave. facing it is the only right choice that we can make.
forever and ever love to you, my dearest of ladies...