Monday, September 24, 2012

I am Me.

Here I am.  This is Me Now. 
I am not sorry.  I am not going to smooth over your feelings, just to make you happy.   I am not going to lie, just to make you stop talking.  I am not going to be your savior. 
I am not going to do things that make me uncomfortable, and I am not going to do things that weigh me down.  I am not going to carry your world on my shoulders.  I have my own world to carry, and it's heavy.
I am not going to tell you what you want to hear.  I am going to tell you what is real and true.  You probably won't like it.  It's raw.  It's so completely honest.   It's not always going to be pretty. 
I will give my Love to those that I love.  I will give all of it.  Pour it onto them, bathe them in it, fill them with it, encapsulate them with it.  Protect them with it.
I will not, however, waste my Love on people who don't appreciate it. 
This is me.  I am me. 
Take me, or leave me.  I am strong enough now, to be happy either way. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Surreal - So Real

It's like dreaming... no. It's like waking. It's like being in darkness for so long, and suddenly having light. It's so's too bright. Painfully beautiful. It's like being mostly blind, and suddenly having full sight. It's shocking. The clarity.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Lost

A butterfly's trust.... a house with no roof, the sky in all of it's blue beauty brightness shining in... getting drenched in ice cold rain... making friends with a lizard... twin fawns, delicate... drying in the sun... breathing and breathless... crickets... dark of forest, throwing spots of rainbow colors at every glance - red of berries and clay, orange of wings, yellow of mushrooms, green of moss and leaves, blue of sky and skink tail, purple of flowers... getting lost... being found.