Wednesday, February 18, 2009

if they tarnish

just go to the beach
and dig in the sand
how is it fine that my son's homework is to read a biography on an african-american hero, and then create a "wanted" poster with the hero's face on it? i don't understand...
taste the salty wind
feel the freedom in it
blowing away the heartaches
and cleansing the soul
life is like this
we walk on the edge
and it's sharp.
if you fall to one side
perhaps you will drown
and if you fall to the other side
you will bleed.

some days i could just die of fear,

run screaming from the confines of my own mind

and past.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

noise and chaos...

noise and chaos is hard for anyone to learn in....

for isaiah it's a thousand times worse.

he tried to say his verse at awana, but just. couldn't. focus.

it made me want to cry...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

let us be...

let us be like the animals.

let us give birth peacefully and quietly like the mother cow, with only low groans to show the pain of our labour.

let us lick our babies like a mother cat with her kittens.

let us constantly touch our children like the mother elephant - lest they grow anxious in the absence of our touch.

let us keep a vigilant watch over our children like a mother cardinal.
let us be dangerous like a mother lion when our children are threatened.

let us groom our babies like so many species of ape.

let us carry our new ones close to us like a mother kangaroo.
let us nurse our babies with the milk we produce like all mothers of mammal babies do.
let us house our children like a tree frog, surrounded by colour and beauty.

let us be like them, so giving our offspring the natural way of life.

this day

head is spinning

mind is rushing

dreams disturbing

finding healing