Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 191

Okay, okay. To make this post count for TODAY, here is a photo from this morning. *grin* But, what I REALLY want to show you, is this amazing little fellow. I took his photo last night.

Here's his story:
The kids went out to the pool for a swim, and came flying back into the house, yelling about an owl that was laying on the ladder. Ryan went out to investigate, and sure enough. This baby owl had somehow managed to fall into our pool, and made it to the ladder where he was laying, shivering. Ryan plucked him out of the pool, and we all gathered around to offer the little guy encouragement while he dried off.
All of the kids were able to touch him, and we all learned something about this kind of owl (Barred Owl). I don't know about all owls, but this kind has a second set of eyelids that can close, making it's eyes look very blue.
Anyway, while we were sitting with him, we noticed his mother on the other side of our fence, calling to him.
Eventually, he stopped shivering, and worked at flapping his wings a bit. He made it over to the fence, but couldn't manage to get to the other side, so Ryan gave him a boost.
The mom was there waiting for him, and she came right up to him once he'd made it over. We watched as she stretched out her wings, and as she got him to do the same. She led him over to a tree with limbs that were closer to the ground, and convinced him to go up.
The last thing I saw was Baby Owl sitting on a branch, with his mom and dad on other branches in the same tree. A happy ending!!!

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  1. Wow! Very cool.
    It's an adorable owl. Love those eyes.