Friday, March 5, 2010

What did I do?

What did I do today? Well, first I went hunting for the LAST blueberry Pop Tarts that I had hidden. I hid them because everyone was eating them so fast, and I hadn't had even one. I had planned on savoring them for my breakfast. I know, very childish, but what's a mom to do? I looked on the shelf that holds the baby food, because that's where I know I had put them. They were not to be found. After tearing my kitchen apart, I came to the sad realization that *someone* had found them and eaten them! How very tragic!
Later, I dosed the dog with such an amount of drugs, that had it been I who ate them, I would be comatose for at least a week. Did it have any affect on him at all? NO. I am not even going to list all of the meds that I gave him, since it makes me feel slightly like a very bad pet owner. Suffice to say, it was a cocktail of several different things that I had lying around. The damn dog seems to be even more excitable now than before.
Once Ryan got home, we trussed the dog up with rope, put the muzzle on him, and I grabbed the clippers - he freaked out so badly, that we had to just give it up.
On to other things. I found Willow with a mouthful of mud. She was not happy with me at all for removing it.
I listened to both babies cry themselves to sleep for their naps - I can't stand the crying, but it had to be done. While waiting for them to be silenced, I downed a handful of Motrin for my headache. It hasn't helped.
Sahara fell asleep on the way home from school - I didn't have the heart to bring her in and wake her up, so I unbuckled her seat belt, opened the van door, and left her sleeping. She stayed asleep for two hours! Around two o'clock, she came bouncing into the house, grinning and talking a mile a minute.
I read to my girls, "Green Eggs and Ham", which felt like some sort of sacrifice, since I have a book that I would love to curl up with for hours alone... that never happens.
I did not make dinner. I did not wash the dishes. I washed and dried a load of laundry, but did not fold the clothes - in fact, they are still waiting for me in the dryer.
Actually, I couldn't say what took up most of my day, since almost nothing has been accomplished... And here is the weekend coming tomorrow, during which the house tends to explode into a giant kaleidoscope of toys, books, shoes, backpacks, dishes, socks, dirt, leaves, dust bunnies, half-finished drawings, and random things pulled from my kitchen cabinets.
Maybe Monday will bring something fresh...

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