Monday, March 1, 2010

Our weekend in Lynchburg

The mission that we grew up in is finally being held accountable for their vicious inaction and horrible treatment of the kids at one of their boarding schools in Senegal. The GRACE team has been hired as a Third-party investigative group to hear everyone's story, and to make sure that action is finally taken on our behalf, and that we can find resolution. The group is amazing. They all have PHD's in one thing or another - there are 2 former child sex abuse prosecutors, 2 psychologists and a pastor.
The thing that affected me the most was this huge love and acceptance that they showed us all. There was no judgment of us, there was no looking down on us. They just embraced us and loved us no matter who we were or what we looked like. That is something that I personally have NEVER experienced in my life coming from a group of "adults"... It was powerful.
Our interviews went very well. They listened to us intently, they shuddered at some things that I had to tell them, they were righteously angry at other things... they asked each and every one of us what we recommended in regards to NTM. They wrote it all down, and they promised that the things that they recommend to NTM would be carried out. They told us that they would not just go away after giving their final report, but that they would follow up with NTM and make sure that the recommendations were implemented.
One of the GRACE team took my hand as we were leaving, and very quietly but firmly said to me, "we are not going away. we are not quitting. this will be resolved, I promise."
What an amazing team of people they are. Their desire over the weekend was to make all of us as comfortable as possible. When I walked in for my interview, there they all were, all these "adults" looking at me - I said to them, "Wow. This is very intimidating!" They all got very upset and wondered how they could make it less intimidating... they didn't realize that for us, from our past, if we ever had to sit down in a room full of adults it was only because we were in trouble. I explained that, and they were sad...
I came away from Lynchburg with a feeling of being valuable - something that I have never before experienced. Ever. What an amazing gift to receive.
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