Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Tale of Lucky

Almost three years ago, we got Lucky from the pound. He was not a good indoor dog, and we had nowhere for him to be outside. We gave him to some friends from church, who gladly took him in. He lived with them until very recently, when they offered him back to us now that we have our own home and a fenced-in back yard. One of the problems with Lucky is that he is terrified of being groomed. When our friends had him, they took him to professionals, who knocked him out in order to groom him. Both times, his heart stopped, and it was very traumatic for everyone. I do not have the desire or the money to take that rout, so I have decided to try to groom him myself. First, to cut the hair away from his eyes, I muzzled him, and had Jonas hold him for me. It went okay (okay being, he didn't try to bite me!) for awhile, with the dog whimpering the entire time. The last snip sent him into a frenzy, though, and we were finished with him for that day.
Today, I decided that his dreadlocks really need to go. I thought, "What if I drug him with some Nyquil? He'll be sedated a little, and I'll be able to groom him myself!" Well, HA. First, I offered him the Nyquil on it's own. He sniffed it, then trotted off. Then I put it into his food dish, and threw some food in there with it. He came over to inspect it, and decided that I was trying to trick him.
Next thing I knew, there was Willow with a mouthful of Lucky's dog food! She spit it out, but it made me very nervous. So, out went the dog food, along with the Nyquil.
My next try will be to truss Lucky up like a roasting-pig, and include the muzzle in the mix.

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