Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Tale of Hair Fun and Lost Eyebrows

Okay, so I've been having a blast changing my hair with the Splat line - It's gone from my natural color of boring old brown, to purple, to blue, to blue/purple, and today I wanted it to be pink. I had to soak my head for a long time to let the blue and purple go away, and then added some lightener to my head. Once it had been rinsed out, it turned into a strange hue of very light purple and pink... I threw in the pink Splat, and Ta-DA!!! PINK! Okay, but the problem is this. While I was lightening the hair, I decided that it might be fun to also lighten my EYEBROWS. They now look non-existent. Gone. But they are still there, just... basically the same color as my skin. Looks like they're shaved off. Oh dear. Good thing hair grows back!!!


  1. hahaha! oh, you. you are very daring and very colorful. you hair acts as an expression of your interesting, bright, and vibrant personality :)
    the last picture (the one of the invisible eyebrows) reminds me of the girl in the 5th element- what was her name? although she had orange hair.

  2. And you, my dear, are very sweet and kind!!