Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 8.5 (Ha)

I just want to ask.  What is UP with all the rejected fat men posting that stupid video in which a man stands there and charts women: from how pretty they are to how crazy they are, and basically he's saying there's no such thing as a hot sane woman. (I would link to the thing, but I promise you it's a complete waste of time and I think I actually lost some brain cells while I watched it, so I'll spare you the agony.)
I mean whatever.  We all know misogyny is rampant, even in these enlightened times, but I swear I've only seen the sad fat dudes posting this crap. Grow up, guys.  Please.  Or rather, MAN up.  And lose some damned weight while you're at it.  Might give you a chance at one of the hotter, less insane women. *tongue in cheek*
Oh, OH! Can I make a chart about fat dickheads? No? Ehh...I have better things to do anyway. 
Like being hot AND sane. Yep.  I'm a unicorn. BYE!

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