Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 20

I'm at work.... For once I'm someplace that has wifi.  There's a tv blaring, over the noise of my client's breathing machine. I don't know how he stays asleep.  Why am I here if he's sleeping? Because he wakes up, and when he does, he's very confused and frightened...and it's my job to reassure him and make him feel safe.  Can I have a me? I need to be reassured...I need to feel safe...  
Here I go, on that boo-hoo path, so, I'll change the subject.  
My client before this snoozing fellow is high-energy, nonstop chattering, and has dementia.  
While I was with her this evening, I noticed her rubbing the bottom of her shoe, and then smelling her fingers. (I know, so gross) 
So I asked her, "How's it smell?" and she said, "Like goose doodles!"  and then almost fell right over with gales of laughter.  I'm glad she's a happy person so far. 
I guess that's all... Here is a picture of my beautiful niece, Rose. Because, lookit!

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