Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 140

This is me, in the wee hours of this morning, waiting for a ride home after a very long and quite adventurous trip.
Story number one: (This story happened on a previous trip, but I don't think I ever told it.) I got to the airport and went through security, where they confiscated a bottle of my favorite lotion because it was too big. I said to the TSA agent, "Can I at least put some on before you take it??" He growled a mean old "No!" at me. I got to my gate, and sat there just fuming over the whole fiasco. That lotion cost me nine dollars! After awhile, I said to myself, "Screw it. I'm going back to get it, and put it into my checked bag."
I went back through security, and demanded that they give my lotion back. Yes, I even stomped my foot. I took my coveted lotion back to the check-in counter and told them that I needed my suitcase. They told me that it had already been sent outside to the plane, and I stomped around and said, (in a very whiny way), "That's my favorite lotion, and it's nine dollars! Are you going to give me nine dollars to buy a new one??" They called down then, and requested that my suitcase come back up. Eventually it plopped onto the baggage claim belt, all alone, and I triumphantly put my lotion into it, dragged it back to the TSA guys, who said to me, "I have never, ever seen that actually work." I walked away feeling very smug indeed.

Story number two: My flight to PA this time was amazing. I have never had a trip go so smoothly and without stress. Due to my original flight being full, I was bumped to an entire different airline, and made it to my destination two hours earlier than I would have. Hoorah!

Story number three: The trip home was a little more complicated. A delayed flight which would have caused me to miss my connection sent me to another flight which would have given me about nine minutes to make my connection flight, which is still cutting it pretty close. We began to taxi, and a woman on the plane became frantic and terrified, and demanded to be let off. The pilot turned us around and we headed back to the gate, knowing that most of us would definitely be missing out connections. Four hours in NC, which I found to be full of interesting sights and people, and finally I was on the plane home.
The above photo is me, the ONLY person left in Tallahassee's tiny airport, waiting for a ride. I love traveling. I love the unknown. I love the people that I meet along the way. I love to be the person who just rolls with it all, knowing that eventually I will make it to my destination.

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  1. I love traveling too! I could care less about the destination or what I do once I get there...but the traveling... I love. Driving or flying doesn't matter. I am taking the kids to Texas this June. We have 8 hr overnight layovers both on the way there and home again. That's the part I am looking forward to the most.
    Overnight is a nearly shut down airport waiting for a connecting flight!!! =D I'm imaging it to be like the movie Terminal.

    So glad you enjoyed a wonderful break from your family with your family!~ ;p