Tuesday, February 24, 2015


This is my ex.  How can he call himself a single dad, when he doesn't do anything??  I have the kids every day after school, even on "his" nights, until whenever he decides to get back to his house. He pays no child support, doesn't help with food, doesn't contribute to the gas I use going back and forth from my house to his, 3 times every day.  
When he does have the kids, he doesn't spend time with them.  I know this, because I've seen it, and because they tell me.  
I take them to their friends' houses, their doctor appointments, I go to their parent/teacher conferences, their performances at school, and their games.  
I make sure they get clean and brush their teeth.  They were out of toothpaste at his house for over a week, mostly because he doesn't brush his own teeth, so the concern about his kids' teeth is zero.
I make sure homework gets done and that they wear coats to school on cold days. 
I'm completely mystified that someone can call themselves a single dad, when they do so very little to actually parent their kids.  
Do I call myself a single mom?  No. Because even though I do everything for them, they do have a dad, and he is in their lives.  Barely. But he is.  
It's insulting to me that he can crow about being a single dad, when I know the truth of things.  

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  1. So sorry. Know that one day your kids will recognize who their supporter has been all along. Just keep being the Mom you always have been. You don't have to be perfect.