Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 38

First of all, none of them even want to go to his house.  They love it here.  Second of all, the evil side of me really wanted to send my response at 6:30 this morning....but as usual, the good side of me won out.  
When I was leaving his house with the kids yesterday, he told me he'd tried to claim me on his taxes, and was rejected. "It lost me $300." he said.  I thought to myself two things.  One, "Thank god I already filed mine!!" and two, "That almost makes up for the $400 utility bill he left me to pay..."  UGH.  Gotta let this stuff go.  Anger is not anyone's friend.
Also, as we were leaving, he yelled to Jonas, "Too bad you have to go to mom's house! I've got steak and ice cream!" I turned around and said, "He doesn't have to come to my house.  He wants to." 


*edit* How it ended up. (Had to take Jonas to get his stuff for football):

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