Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day Five

First, let me explain the Chantix dosage.  Days 1-3 are only a half mg every morning.  Days 4-7 are a half mg in the morning, and another half mg in the evening.  After that, it's a full mg in the morning, and a full mg in the evening - I imagine that this is when things start to get pretty rough.
Days 1-4 for me were okay, a little bit of nausea (especially if I forgot to eat), headaches; but headaches are a regular thing for me, some odd dreams, and I definitely felt more on edge than usual.
Last night, my dreams were peculiar, only because the same constellation followed through each of them.  It was beautiful, very bright, but something about it was frightening, too.
Today, I had to go have a CT scan with contrast, so I'm not sure if it's because my schedule was thrown off (ie: had to fast, including NO COFFEE!), or because of the contrast stuff they pumped into my veins, or maybe it's a bit of everything, but right now my head is pounding, the nausea is rolling, and I can hear my heart beating in my head like village drums.
I feel like the distractions today (like my cat giving birth to six kittens, the CT scan, two of my kids being home by noon) should have been helpful, but all I want to do right now is curl up in the dark and sleep for forever.
Oh yeah, the cigarettes.  My quit date is this coming Friday, but I really have no desire to smoke right now.  It's become quite unsatisfying, and even tastes kind of gross.  So, there's that update.  More another day.  xo

Oh, two more things:  I actually feel hungry, regularly, now.  (Great.  I'm gonna be a blimp.)
Also, I'm so, so tired.  All the time. 

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