Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long day, tomorrow will be new.

It's been a long, long day. My stomach, throat, and head still hurt from the endoscopy on Monday. Jonas tore the fingernail right off of his finger, and sustained a deep gash across the whole nail bed. The end of his finger was partway off, and he needed stitches. X-rays confirmed that no bones were broken, thank God, because had they been, we would have ended up in plastics for the rest of the day. We found his entire fingernail when we got home, stuck to the door in which he had slammed it. Roots (?) and all. Amazing.
It was 105 degrees today here, which beat the record, held since 1933, of 90 degrees. I am hoping for a good, strong storm to cool things off.
I haven't watched a complete movie for ages. For certain, I have slept through the last four that Ryan's brought home. Just can't manage to stay awake. It's okay. The guy gets the girl, the world is saved by the hero, etc. etc. Good thing films are so stinkin' predictable these days!
See you tomorrow.

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