Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 15

This photo was actually an accident. But I played with it a bit, and decided to keep it. Wondering what a good caption might be.


  1. Reminds me of being a kid! I used to lay a mirror on the ground, and imagine jumping into another world! Very 'Alice'.... though I have yet to read or see it...

  2. Oh my lord, please tell me you're joking!!! You HAVE to read it!!! Oh, my heart.

    Other worlds. Now you've got me thinking... generally not a good thing, ha.

  3. lol... i know! I'll read it one day, actually I doubt I ever will! ;p
    I need to read about things that are real and tangible.
    I dont have much of an imagination! The kids hate watching kids movies with me. I ask a ton of questions... "Why can Mickey Mouse talk, but his dog cant?" "Why is the rabbit wearing a shirt and the rest on the animals are naked?"....Ugh I find it frustrating, and silly!
    Never really liked any type of fantasy-science fiction-alien- robot-cartoonish stuff!

  4. Oh yeah, those kinds of questions drive me crazy. I'm always like, "Because. Whoever made the movie made it that way." Haha!

  5. haha yeah! They just go, "'s a cartoon, get used to it!!"

  6. OMgoodnes! Love this, Bonnie!!

    I've always played that I was in an other world when I was a kid...made things up all the time and pretended I had fairy friends or was a fairy...But this makes me think of all that, too!