Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is all I can do...

Photo inspired by Michael Franti - Hey World video

Although I am a Jesus follower, and am His fully, I am finding it hard to pray... just feeling deep emotions. Heavy sadness, anguish, some hope, much cynicism, and rending heartbreak. I am exhausted past the point of being able to express very much at all.
If I could find the words, I would pray for NTM to have a TRUE heart change, to be broken and reborn from the ashes of this atrocity into something beautiful and amazing - something world-changing. I would pray for individuals who are hurting terribly, not only the victims of Fanda, but their families and the families of the accused. I would pray for wisdom for Kari and I as we march forward in much weariness. I would pray for churches to stand up with us against this darkness. I would pray for the angry, that their hearts will soften and they will become sweetly broken and made stronger by their experiences.

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