Sunday, September 26, 2010

Broke my Heart

Sahara drew this picture while she was listening to Ryan and me hurling insults at each other. Me: "Talking to you is like talking to a slug. What a waste of time!"
Ryan: "Yeah, well talking to you is like talking to Satan. Except without the nice words."
Sahara: "Daddy? How do you spell "love" again??"
Ryan (to me): "A slug? Why did you say a slug?"
Me: "I was trying to think of the most stupid animal possible..."
Sahara: "Mom! Dad! Look at my picture! It's you and me all saying 'I love you' to each other! Do you like it?"
My heart: "CRRRRRRACK"
I mean, my daughter, five years old, had to sit there and draw a sweet reality on paper because her reality was so crappy. She drew what she wanted her family life to be like. The only good thing that I can find in this, is that at least I can SEE it clearly, at least it did break my heart, and at least I am now fighting fiercely to give her (and the other kids) the family life that they so desperately long for.


  1. Sahara is a sweety and she loves her family. You have very precious kids and they have very precious parents.

    Thanks for sharing this bit of real honesty in your family life.

  2. That is kind of you to say, Suo. Thank you. We do have work to do, though.

  3. You're very blessed Bonni, God has given you 5 blessings. Your family is very precious, each one of them!Thanks for sharing!It blessed me seeing of how God loves you through your daughters drawing!