Monday, September 28, 2009

The story of Sahara's bean plant

The kids in Sahara's class each planted a bean about a week ago. Two days ago, the bean plants were sent home - most of the plants had grown to between 6 inches to a foot in height! Sahara's bean, however, had sprouted a little, then curled in on itself and was burrowing into the dirt. She carried it home, so tenderly, and asked me why it wasn't growing big like the other bean plants. I told her that everything and everyone grows at a different rate, and that maybe her bean plant was feeling shy around all the tall plants at school. I asked her what she thought we could do to make the bean plant not feel shy - she excitedly told me that it needed more dirt, and some sunshine! She gently covered the cowering thing with dirt, dropped some water in, and found a lovely spot for it on our windowsill. She was positive that it would grow - I was not, but didn't say anything about my feelings on the matter. Yesterday, I looked at the little cup holding the bean, and saw that it had sprouted about an inch! I showed Sahara, and she was thrilled! She touched it gently, and told me that we needed to put it back on the windowsill so that it could have more sunlight. Today, as you will see from the photo, the bean plant is flourishing! I have a feeling that if we treated people the way that Sahara has treated her bean plant, we could make such a huge difference in this world. Find someone who is curled in on themselves, find someone who is shy and afraid to grow, find someone who needs some tender care, and maybe, just maybe you will see them sprout and flourish!!

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