Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 162

One of my clients, who I've affectionately nicknamed "Batshit", was reading the paper today, when she came upon this picture. First, she exclaimed, "Look!  They're midgets!!!  Right? Look how small!" I was already cracking up, when she continued, "He's a prissy little man! Look at him, that prissy little man. And she? She's got fat little legs. Lookit her fat little legs!" 
My job is rarely boring, and I love it. (By the way, I did try to inform her that "midgets" is no longer PC, and that they prefer to be called "little people"... But change doesn't come easily to an old one, and she stuck with the M-word. Much better, I must say, than her usual N-word usage...that one is rough, every time I hear it.)

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