Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 123

My seven-year-old is, mildly put, fixated on Sonic the Hedgehog. He dresses like Sonic, has a Sonic hat, and wants every Sonic toy available. He draws hundreds of pictures of Sonic, and all of the other characters. He wears white gloves. He even smiles like Sonic, and says, "This is my Sonic smile." He knows the lyrics to every song on the show and the games, and if he wonders about some of them, he looks them up online and writes them down. He writes his own Sonic comic books, and reads them to me with great enthusiasm. Today, he looked online to see "how to make Sonic shoes", and then begged and pleaded with me to make him a pair.
My husband is away at a VW bus show, and I am already feeling a little grumpy about not having any sort of break this weekend. Not to mention that next week I will have all of my kids home for Spring Break.
I finally just broke down and made my son a pair of Sonic shoes, because honestly, it would get him off my back about it. He is thrilled. Grinning hugely, and wide-eyed. This makes me happy, and although I find myself concerned with the idea of catering to his fixation, I am glad that I could make him so happy, so relatively easily.

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